Passenger Ship Ahoy is a 100 year old converted river steamer. It was build in 1914 and has welcomed many guests over the years. Since March 2015 we're offering it's modest cabins to friends, foreigners and fellow-countryman who are looking for a warm-hearted place to stay in the city of Utrecht.

There are 14 cabins below deck, a large common room and a semi covered deck to sit outside. Every cabin has it's own washbasin. Toilets and showers can be found along the corridor, off course we keep them properly maintained.

We're located only 10 minutes from the beautiful city center of Utrecht, which was build on the remainings of fortress 'Castellum Traiectum', one of the many fortresses defending the northern border of the Roman empire. It goes without saying Utrecht is an old city, with lot's to discover. By bike, bus or taxi it will take you about 10 minutes to get to the city center and the Central Station. If you prefer a walk we recommend the route via the 'Leidsche Rijn' and 'Merwede' canal. On your way you will pass a 17th century lumber mill, the Royal Dutch Mint, many houseboats and a nice park. It will take you about 25 minutes.

And did you know Utrecht is only 30 minutes away from Amsterdam city center by train?

Sounds interesting?


Price per night

We offer a private cabin for € 45,00 p.p. per night, including breakfast. Please note all beds are single (also in our double rooms). 

If you like you can rent a bike with us for 5,00 euro a day.


We don't have a permanent berth, therefore we advise you to contact us if you're in for a sudden visit. If you've already made a reservation you can find us on those dates at the following address in Utrecht: Kanaalweg 174 (approximately).